Accident Damaged – Bargain or Disaster?

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If you are looking to purchase a vehicle, it is always good to understand any pitfalls that could occur so that you can avoid them. The used car market is littered with potential drains on your finances or risks to your safety. Take a written off vehicle for example. Many people think that accident damage is going to be extremely visual and easy to detect, but this is not always the case. Beware of the sellers who try to play down the fact that the car has been written off, waving a hand casually in the direction of the former damage.

It’s important to think of the safety factors always and to bear in mind that a damaged or written off vehicle is always going to be less expensive. There are five levels of categories used by the Insurance companies for vehicles that have been involved in accident damage.

The categories are:

Category A – Should be crushed- beyond repair.
Category B- Some parts could be salvageable but should never go back on the road
Category C- A written off vehicle which depicts repairs exceed the pre-accident value
Category D – indicates that the vehicle has been damaged but the decision to write off/repair is dependent on cost of those repairs and the actual value of the vehicle.
Category F – is for fire damaged vehicles.

Typically, written off vehicles can be up to 20% less expensive to purchase. Those prestige vehicles with a category C or D, could even lose up to 50% of their value. Only Category C’s or D’s can be purchased to safely go back on the road.  But, it is worth bearing in mind and asking the question as to whether quality repairs have been done to a satisfactory standard prior to purchase.

If you are able to get parts at cost or certainly have a great deal of experience repairing damaged cars, then a Category C or D might be a way to get the car you want at a lesser price but do be careful. You must also inform your Insurance company if you wish to purchase a previously written off vehicle, as some Insurance companies will not oblige and others will not pay out if you have not already informed them of the category and accident damage.

Do ensure you check out the vehicle fully before driving away or parting with any cash. If a vehicle has not been repaired sufficiently, you could be putting yourself in danger.

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