Not too long ago, the Car Detective set out to find the very best car wax on the market for two main reasons. The first reason is because so many of our visitors had been asking for a car wax comparison, and the second reason is that we are fanatics when it comes to maintaining and protecting our own vehicles.

Now for those of you who have been waiting for months for the results of our car wax review, and do not have time to read our whole article, just follow this link to our choice for the best car wax on the market. For those of you who wish to learn more about our car wax comparison, continue reading…you’ll learn something very interesting!

The best car wax is manufactured by a company called Meguiar’s…

Our quest for the longest lasting car wax and the very best car wax you can buy led us to one of the most incredible car protectants we have ever come across.

These breakthrough product is called Ultimate Liquid Wax, and they use a special patented formula that consistently outperformed all of the other products in our car wax comparison.

The main ingredients in their line of specialty waxes repel dirt and keep your car incredibly shiny and clean. The products outperform even the best car wax, and they are guaranteed to last for years

Following are a few other interesting facts that we learned from our car wax review:

1) Many car waxes don’t provide long-term protection against environmental factors that damage your car such as the sun’s UV rays, acid rain, bugs and other pollutants.

2) Even some of the best car waxes are made from inexpensive materials that actually melt when they are exposed to heat.

3) Waxes then become sticky and actually attract and hold pollutants and dirt, inflicting irreparable damage to your car.

4) They have to be applied constantly…even the best car waxes lose their protective ability in a matter of weeks.

The results of our car wax comparison? You’re much better off with the Meguiar’s protection system. In numerous lab tests and in our own extensive product reviews, they outperformed the best car wax on the market time and time again.

For long-lasting protection, we strongly recommend Meguiar’s, the overall winner of our car wax comparison. It is by far the longest lasting car wax as well as the best car protectant on the market.