Indulge and Buy New

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There’s nothing like the feeling of sauntering around various showrooms knowing you have access to enough cash to take your pick off the gleaming shiny cars. In fact, buying a brand new car is the ultimate, even though the car depreciates in value the moment you drive off the forecourt. There are many benefits providing you get it right. So … Read More

Car Ringing and Why It Could Affect You

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Car ringing is a lucrative business and there are those who regularly make thousands of pounds from duping people like you. If you have never heard of ringing before, it is a car that has been stolen and has taken on a new identity – often the identity from a written-off vehicle in the scrap yard –although not always. Essentially, … Read More

Buy Used and Save

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If you have made the decision to buy a used car, you may have made a better decision than you originally thought. After all, you can pick up a car that is fairly new but without having to lose the depreciation that occurs when you drive a brand new vehicle from the showrooms. By purchasing a car that is a … Read More

The Return of the Affordable Sports Car

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During the Great Recession and global economic turmoil that transpired after it, the idea of an affordable sports car began to fade. Discretionary spending was delegated to necessities, and four-wheeled toys went by the wayside. The economy is still depressingly dismal, but there is hope. With the resurgence of affordable sports cars dotting the automotive landscape, maybe the best way … Read More

Avoid in-car technology for cheaper maintenance

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We have all had cars that have had their quirks—lights that don’t work, the mandatory driver-side-power window that refuses to roll down on anything built in the 1990s. Owning a car that has these annoyances makes a great case for the crank window, which has gone the way of the three-speed transmission. New conveniences are creeping their way into cars, … Read More

The Risk of Car Clocking

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If you have never considered the possibility that car clocking exists, think about it now. It is sadly a practice that happens a great deal because it is an extremely lucrative act that adds more value to the vehicle. Clocking simply means turning the odometer back. By losing 1,000 miles off the clock, the sale price increases by up to … Read More

Take On the Car Detective Role

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So you are after your dream car and you have seen one that really stands out. More than that, you can imagine driving it around and it’s absolutely perfect for your needs. But before you rush in, don’t forget that there are many things that you need to check prior to purchasing so put on your car detective hat and … Read More

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