The State of Mazda in the Automotive Arena

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Mazda has recently divorced itself from Ford, where a cross-platform partnership greatly benefited both companies. Now that Mazda is a free agent of sorts, it does have an uphill battle remaining relevant in very crowded automotive market. The first of its independently designed vehicles, the Mazda CX-5, is a tidy compact crossover vehicle. It’s subtle yet athletic styling gives it … Read More

How Green Can a Car Be?

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How green is your car? Do you make an effort to conserve fuel, or drive a hybrid or electric? Many car companies today are making a bigger effort to emphasize green practices, and they’re not just talking about the gas tank. You may be surprised at some of the ways car makers are employing green methods when designing and building … Read More

Summer Car Care: 4 Ways the Sun Can Damage Your Car

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It’s Not All Fun in the Sun for Your Car The so-called “dog days” of summer have arrived, and the allure of the last road trip or summer outing is pretty strong. However, before you pack up your ride and hit the open highway for your one last “hoorah” before fall arrives, you should take time to do a little … Read More

How Does Lemon Law Work For a Used Car?

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Lemon law basically gives the used car buyer an “out” if the vehicle they purchase turns out to be a lemon, a car with persistent mechanical problems that is undriveable. You have a certain number of days following the purchase to take action and get your money back from the seller. Although in most cases you are protected, you have … Read More

Lexus vs. Infiniti – Who Wins The Luxury Brand Battle?

Lexus vs. Infiniti…everyone’s got their favorite… There are two titan players in the luxury automobile market backed up by years of innovation and creative design. Lexus and Infiniti, the Japanese premium automaker wings of Toyota and Nissan respectively, focus on producing high quality cars built around their more affordable and popular parent models. Every year, the choice gets harder and … Read More

BMW vs Audi – Who Wins this Age Old Battle?

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For decades now, the BMW vs Audi battle has waged on. Is there a clear winner here? BMW is a name synonymous with German manufacturing standards built on strong reliability and elegant class for drivers looking to taste history. Similarly, Audi is another strong German automaker with roots in developing cars before the First World War even started. Both automobile … Read More