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There’s nothing like the feeling of sauntering around various showrooms knowing you have access to enough cash to take your pick off the gleaming shiny cars. In fact, buying a brand new car is the ultimate, even though the car depreciates in value the moment you drive off the forecourt. There are many benefits providing you get it right.

So there are three ways to buy new. You an import the vehicle, you can purchase from a broker or you can buy direct through a dealership and ultimately, the choice is yours.

It’s good to read up on the make and models of your choice prior to purchasing and this is because there is a lot involved with buying a new car. It may be an exciting process, but you need to be a bit street savvy and, there’s no point rushing it, savour the moment.

If you buy from a franchised dealer, you can play it smart and sharpen your negotiating skills and try your luck. At certain times of the year, there are slack months – December being one of them. You may find that you can get 10% off the car which is pretty good considering the overall price. It’s important to know just what the actual price of the car would be. Pick the wrong months or when the market is saturated with eager customers, then you have very little chance of getting discounts.

If you want to part exchange your own car, then knowing the market ‘on the road’ value is imperative. It’s all very well, talking the talk and negotiating off the cost of the new car, but if you get less than the expected value for your own, and then you will be about of pocket.

Be realistic with your valuations. Do your homework. Remember that the dealer will also have to make a profit so play fair but don’t be afraid to hold your own. You might see your dream car on the forecourt but you may get an equally attractive and appealing car with another dealer and a much better bargain.

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