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Extended Warranty– Learn about extending your coverage and protecting yourself.

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Financing– Learn about loans to finance your car purchase or lease.

Buying a New Car– What you need to know when buying a new vehicle.

Buying a Used Car– What you need to know when buying a used vehicle.

Check your vehicle’s history before you buy. Avoid costly hidden problems such as:

* Collision Damage

* Odometer Fraud

* Fire, Water or Hail Damage

* Mechanical Problems

* Insurance Loss

* Lemon Vehicle

* Junk Status

Much more…

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There is a section on Vehicle History, with everything you need to know about checking out a used car and what the VIN report will tell you.

There is a Used Car section with terminology, valuations, how to buy, how to sell, using Kelley Blue Book and more.

There is a New Car section with an overview of the latest 2012-2016 models, as well as helpful information about buying a new car and model reviews.

Lastly, there is an Education section with helpful articles and news related to vehicles including car accident lawyers, building motorcycles, car care, taking over leases and much more.