Everyone’s talking about the rising price of gas. Sure, it’s important, but you can still be stylin’, right? Let’s take a little stroll through the showroom to see a few of the 2013 new car models. There are some beauties in every category and price range.

High-tech gadgets, engineering innovations and safety gear boost the green category’s offerings for 2013. Note the all-electric ForTwo Smart car with its flashy new face. The limited-production luxury Tesla Model S is here and Fisker Karma is out with an extended-range electric sedan.

But Ford’s on a roll. The Fusion hybrid is loaded with upscale equipment and carbon footprint reducing features. The C-MAX Hybrid / Energi wagons both have tall roofs and seating for five. Energi is a gas/plug-in (120- or 240-volt). In addition to stellar fuel economy they have push button start, stealth power tailgate, and touch multi-media systems. They don’t cook or do laundry – yet.

The latest compact and subcompact cars now offer treats like heated seats, and necessities like data connectivity that used to exist only in luxury cars. From downsizing to economy, this year you don’t have to sacrifice taste and good looks. The newest little bundles of joy include a posh and sumptuous Acura ILX, sporty but sophisticated Cadillac ATS, easy-on-the-pocket Chevrolet Spark, and the swanky Alfa Romeo-inspired Dodge Dart.

Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ are a design partnership that brings spunky low-slung sportiness and economy with this couple of coupes. Speed-lovers will love the revamped Porsche Boxster roadster.

The SUV trend to crossovers rolls steadily on as truck-based SUV models stagnate. Since most auto manufacturers now have compact crossovers, subcompacts are the cutting edge. Debuting in 2013 are the Audi Allroad, BMW X1, Infiniti JX, Mazda CX-5 and the Subaru XV Crosstrek.

Hello! Chrysler’s out with the 2013 SRT Viper. The SRT and the Viper GTS have more power, new smart devices, extreme performance and – what? Is it plush interior trim and a comfortable ride? Oh, shades of the original Viper iconoclast! If you can afford the $100K base price, this is one racy high tech ride.

Luxury runs through more than the luxury class this year. Performance drives everything – from the ride to the rock and roll. High tech engineering is geared for economy and connectivity. If you’re in the market for a new car this year, 2013 has the rides with safety, sound, size, style and savoir-faire.

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