I Lost My Drivers License….What Do I Do Next?

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Help! I lost my drivers license! What do you next? For starters, stop freaking out. It’s not the end of the world and it’s not as bad as you think it. Thousands of people lose their licenses each day…either along with their entire wallet or it just slips out on its own. It can be an accident or perhaps it … Read More

How Did Tesla Get So Huge Out of Nowhere?

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Tesla Motors has taken the automotive world by storm in recent years, bringing the notion of energy efficient, “clean” car technology out of the realm of science fiction and making it not only fact but a huge success as well. So just how has this upstart Silicon Valley enterprise gone from concept to turning the competition’s head in less than … Read More

5 Exciting Trends For 2017 New Cars

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With a new year on the horizon, the auto industry is already in full gear with major manufacturers working on state of the art developments in auto design. Because the needs of consumers are constantly evolving, the auto manufacturers have to remain on target so that they can provide more of what their customers are looking for. With all that … Read More

The Pros and Cons of Self Driving Cars

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Self driving cars used to be something that was only in seen in futuristic movies or TV shows. The notion of cars zooming around on their own with their human occupants free to do other things seemed unlikely to cross over into reality. That was until the last few years when several companies, including Google, began developing the technology that … Read More

Hot New Trends for 2016 in the Car Industry

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Like most industries, the auto industry is all about “what have you done for me lately?”. It seems as soon as one set of auto models rolls out, we’re automatically looking to see what the next big thing will be. With that in mind, it’s time to look ahead and see what the major manufacturers have in store for us … Read More

Does a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle Always Save Money in the Long Run?

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These days more and more car buyers are asking themselves: Will I definitely save money if I buy an alternative car such as a hybrid or electric model? Unfortunately, you can’t really answer that question with any degree of certainty. Why you ask? Well the problem is there are just too many variables involved, and although you can use various … Read More

Buying at Auction

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If you have never purchased a car from an auction, then you are missing an experience as it is a very different way of purchasing your dream car. It is easy to get sucked into the excitement and fast paced atmosphere of course and you could easily come away with a lot less cash and a car that is not … Read More

Car Emissions

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Many people are worried about car emissions and rightly so, good clean air is important. But emission tests typically check two pollutants which are hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide. Newer tests include checking for oxides of nitrogen but they should also look at the emissions control system on the vehicle too. Without a doubt, carbon monoxide is the most deadly.  This … Read More

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