5 Exciting Trends For 2017 New Cars

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With a new year on the horizon, the auto industry is already in full gear with major manufacturers working on state of the art developments in auto design. Because the needs of consumers are constantly evolving, the auto manufacturers have to remain on target so that they can provide more of what their customers are looking for. Smart Parking Cars 2017

With all that in mind, here are 5 of the hottest trends that will be emerging with the release of 2017 models:

1. Smart Parking – there has already been a push to more fully automate cars since the introduction of GPS technology and remote locking and starting systems. In the last few years, the biggest trend in automation has been in the area of parking. Parking is a necessary evil of the driving experience, and is still considered by most individuals as the hardest part of their driving exam to master. Auto manufacturers have heard their pleas and begun introducing technology that allows cars to park themselves. In 2017, both BMW and Mercedes are hoping to take that trend a step further with the introduction of a “parking app” that allows you to remotely park your car using your smartphone.

2. Safety Improvements – there are always developments intent on making cars safer and the class of 2017 is no exception to this trend. With an eye toward preventing driving deaths, manufacturers are employing new, hardier materials that can absorb impacts better and drastically reduce the number of injuries and deaths in auto accidents. Not surprisingly, Volvo is leading the charge in this particular trend. The Swedish auto manufacturer has long been known for their emphasis on safety and they are working on implementing stronger car frames and more secure welding techniques that will make their cars even safer.

3. Hands Free Driving – one of the most talked about trends in the auto industry in recent years has been the advent of automatic driving. Taking cruise control to the next level, the technology expected to be unveiled in 2017 will allow for your car’s computer to do the driving for you, particularly in highway conditions, where less continual hands-on control is necessary.

4. Smart Lights – The latest area to get the “smart treatment” is your headlights. Several improvements are expected in this area in 2017, including headlights that automatically dim as other cars approach. And once again Volvo is taking a leading role in this trend. They are expected to unveil headlights that swivel with your wheels as you turn, giving you better visibility throughout the turning process.

5. Sexy Hybrids – As hybrids continue to pick up in popularity, auto manufacturers are taking notice. Beginning in 2017, there will be a greater push toward making hybrids sleeker and more attractive. BMW has been at the cutting edge of this trend with their high gloss i8 model, and in 2017 they are expected to take things a step further by introducing a drop-top version.

As you can see, there is a lot to look forward to in the new class of cars. 2017 promises to be an exciting year and we could see the auto industry taking giant leaps forward as computer technology and car manufacturing continue to progress hand-in-hand.