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Let’s face it. It’s not cheap to run a car and even if you felt a bit guilty about poisoning the environment, it was often too expensive to do the right thing. But there are things that you can do to make a difference and may save you some money too.

Do you have your car serviced regularly? If your car is serviced, it is likely to be well-maintained which means that it will be more economical to run. If you aren’t taking optimum care with general maintenance then it is time to start. Keep your oil topped up and ensure that you have plenty of water inside. Sort out little problems if and when they arrive.

It can be very tempting to put your foot down when you get on an open road but by keeping the gear engaged you can reduce fuel consumption, similarly, always change to a lower gear when you hear the engine speed drop. Avoid braking at the last minute too. Steady driving is a far better option.

If your tyres are underinflated, you may find that you are increasing your fuel consumption by up to 6 %. Just consider that by inflating those tyres, every time you fill up a tank of fuel, that’s about a £4.00 savings. It might not seem like a lot but over time, these are good savings.

Another way of saving fuel is to shift the gear from third to fifth as an example. Shifting gears enable you to reduce the general wear and tear on your transmission. This works the same when working down the gears too.

In the heat of the summer, there’s no doubt that air conditioning is fantastic but it does use fuel. When you have the right temperature in the car, turn off the air conditioning until you need it again.

Stuck in a slow-moving traffic jam, consider switching off the engine if you come to a full-stop. It might seem a bit unnecessary for only 20 seconds but it will be 20 seconds of fuel.

All these little things can make a big difference to economical driving. Why not try it for yourself and see the difference?

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