Want to Go Green?

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Is your car environmentally friendly? If not, why not make your next car a green car and keep all of the environmental concerns at the front of your mind when you go shopping? These days there is little different to the buying process and you should always shop around and consider all of your options. If you know very little about green cars though, do read up about them and get all the information to hand so that you can make an informed choice.


Start your search by looking at the number of cars available through online retailers. There are bargains to be had because they have reduced overheads however, extend your search and check out the cars that local dealers have to offer too. If you go armed with a price, you may find that the dealer is so keen to have your business that he matches the price.


Green cars are economical so costs to run it will be low. But even so, some cars will be more economical than others. You need to think about congestion charges and if this will affect you. You also need to consider depreciation values as well and don’t forget repair costs. Some green cars will be exempt from road tax too so these are all questions that you need to ask.


You have many options to consider


Hybrid cars – fuel-efficient and they have low emissions

Electric cars – typically have zero emissions but are limited in terms of speed and distance for charging purposes.

Conventional green cars – low CO2 emissions

Others – New fuel concepts gradually emerging- currently expensive so depends on your budget.


You also need to think how green you want to go. What are your driving needs? What are your driving habits? Consider important factors such as CO2 emissions, miles per gallon, exemption from congestion charges and if it is in a low tax band. You can also consider how much it would cost to dispose of your vehicle eventually and if it is made of recyclable materials? Find out as much as you can and then make an informed choice. Driving could soon be a guilt-free pleasure.


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