Does a Hybrid or Electric Vehicle Always Save Money in the Long Run?

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These days more and more car buyers are asking themselves: Will I definitely save money if I buy an alternative car such as a hybrid or electric model? Unfortunately, you can’t really answer that question with any degree of certainty. Why you ask? Well the problem is there are just too many variables involved, and although you can use various … Read More

Want to Go Green?

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  Is your car environmentally friendly? If not, why not make your next car a green car and keep all of the environmental concerns at the front of your mind when you go shopping? These days there is little different to the buying process and you should always shop around and consider all of your options. If you know very … Read More

How Green Can a Car Be?

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How green is your car? Do you make an effort to conserve fuel, or drive a hybrid or electric? Many car companies today are making a bigger effort to emphasize green practices, and they’re not just talking about the gas tank. You may be surprised at some of the ways car makers are employing green methods when designing and building … Read More

Is it Time To Buy An American Car or Are They Still Subpar?

American automakers and their once sterling legacy vehicles have been consistently losing market share across the board to their Japanese and European counterparts for decades, based mainly on failing design concepts and lack of popularity among younger drivers. Japanese production models like the Toyota Camry have built their reputation around reliability and practicality, while European brands like the BMW M3 … Read More