7 Safety Precautions to Avoid Having Your Car Stolen

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Your car might be your pride and joy or maybe it provides an essential way for you to get out and about, but whatever your car means to you on an individual level, the last thing you want is to lose your car. It’s impossible to keep it locked away 24/7, it is a practical tool but there are of course some basic things that you can do to minimize the risk.

  1. You might just be nipping into a shop to pick something up but never leave the car keys in the ignition. Also, turn off the engine. Don’t make it easy for someone to come along and to drive off in the vehicle. It’s like giving them a thumbs-up that they can take your car.
  2. Turning off the engine and taking the keys is not enough either. Lock the car door. A locked door is a deterrent.
  3. Don’t leave items of interest or value lying around in the car. Keep your purse, wallet, phones or electronic devices out of site.
  4. Security systems in the car can be a good deterrent, plus one that can disable the ignition is a great way to stop someone driving off in the car.
  5. Park your car in a well-lit area and try to park where there are other cars. This brings safety in numbers.
  6. Many people invest in an extensive sound system for their car but if you fancy doing the same, consider purchasing one that can be pulled out for safe-keeping if you have to park the car in a place that might not be as safe.
  7. It is easy for your car to be stolen and to have its identity changed, but having the VIN etched in the windows acts as a powerful deterrent as there is a lot more work to change the identity of the car then.

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