Do You Rotate?

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Car manufacturers will tell you to rotate the tyres and this means changing their position on the vehicle. The idea is that it will help to even out wear and tear on the tyres and this way, you can avoid developing abnormal patterns on the tyres as well as to make them last longer. Not everyone agrees with this line of thought but it is certainly worth keeping an eye on your tyres. When you have brand new tyres on your car, check them once you have driven 8,000 miles or so. You don’t have to rush and change them immediately but keep it in mind.

If you have a minivan, or, drive a front wheel drive, it is worth noting that the wheels at the front of the vehicle will wear out much more quickly than the tyres at the back of the vehicle. The ones at the back of the vehicle could well still have 50% of the tread on them. If you can rotate the tyres from the front to the rear and also from side to side, you can spread out the wear and tear and longevity of the tyres saving you time and money in the long run.

The trick is to understand how your vehicle works.

Rotating the tyres does not work all the time, in fact there are those who say it makes much more sense to simply replace the front tyres and to leave your back tyres alone especially if you have to drive a lot of miles regularly. You may well find out that you save money this way and the back wheels have less wear and tear anyway.

If the front and rear wheels have different sizes, then you will be unable to rotate for obvious reasons.

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