Fine-Tune Your Car Maintenance Skills

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You may think that you are a bit of a car buff but do you really do all you should to keep your car engine purring in optimum condition? You might do all the usual and, much needed things such as the oil change but there is more to looking after your car than that.

Thermostat – It is important that you have your thermostat checked regularly. Changing operating temperatures can cause problems with the newer low-emission engines as they are much more sensitive, so having it checked over is an inexpensive item to replace.

Brake Fluid – Don’t let brake fluid become contaminated, it is important to replace the  fluid regularly and to also bleed the lines. This should be done every two years. If the brake fluid becomes contaminated, the fluid will then age and lose its properties.

Timing Belt – Many people forget to check the timing belt because there are no indicators to stress that the belt might break. The timing belt is significant because it could cause untold damage on your engine if broken at a higher compression. Of course not all cars have timing belts and some have more, so check out the details when buying.

Automatic Transmission Fluid – The cars automatic transmission fluid is fairly inexpensive so replacing it is essential if you wish to avoid long-term transmission repairs. This fluid becomes contaminated through wear and tear of the gears and the small metal fragments become lose. Most automatic transmissions should have this fluid changed regularly – certainly every 30,000 miles on average.

Fuel Filter – Do you ever check the fuel filter? If not, why not? It’s an important part of car maintenance after all as it cleans out any impurities from the fuel you use prior to it getting into the fuel injection system. Replacing a fuel filter is fairly inexpensive and could save a lot of money, time and inconvenience later.

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