Make the Simple Checks Part of Your Regular Maintenance Regime

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It doesn’t matter how often you drive and how far you go, you should always provide regular checks on your vehicle. Checking the battery can be the difference between your being stranded and suffering a great deal of inconvenience. It is much easier to get into the habit of making regular checks as it then becomes the norm. When you do the basic oil change, have a quick look at the battery cables too, as this can make a big difference to your overall safety and convenience. Do look for any indications of corrosion and ensure all is kept clean.

If you don’t already do so, make sure that any coolants and fluids are checked at least once a month. Create yourself a tick list to ensure you check transmission and steering fluids. Also check engine oil, coolants, fuel levels and brake fluid. Do also check the hoses for signs of fraying pieces. You should also inspect the hose ends.

Your tyres should also be checked regularly to ensure they are inflated fully. It is best to inflate tyres when they are cold and to check using a quality gauge. Refer to your car manual to ensure that you are adjusting to the correct pressure levels for your vehicle. Do ensure that you use the correct pressure for both front and back tyres. They will be different. Make sure that the tyres are wearing evenly too, if they are not, this could indicate problems with the suspension, alignment or even with the wheel balance.

Lights are vitally important on your car and you need to check both high and low beams. Check the parking brakes, tail-lights and indicators. You need to enlist the services of another to ensure that the lights are all working adequately.

Windscreen wipers are often overlooked when it comes to car maintenance and so it is important to check your wiper blades every month too. If the wipers are damaged, it means that debris cannot be removed properly. Squeaking or streaking will indicate that the blade needs replacing.

These checks are very simple and take very little time, but taking care of your car will keep it working in a much more efficient order.


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