Summer Car Care: 4 Ways the Sun Can Damage Your Car

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It’s Not All Fun in the Sun for Your Car The so-called “dog days” of summer have arrived, and the allure of the last road trip or summer outing is pretty strong. However, before you pack up your ride and hit the open highway for your one last “hoorah” before fall arrives, you should take time to do a little … Read More

What’s Right For You: Pros and Cons of Leasing vs. Buying

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Many factors go into purchasing a new vehicle. Four or 10 cup holders? Backup camera or navigation? Sport exhaust or heated seats? We all know many of these options are a decision in compromise. What many don’t think about is the avenue taken in purchasing a new vehicle. What many of us end up at is whether to lease or … Read More

Lexus vs. Infiniti – Who Wins The Luxury Brand Battle?

Lexus vs. Infiniti…everyone’s got their favorite… There are two titan players in the luxury automobile market backed up by years of innovation and creative design. Lexus and Infiniti, the Japanese premium automaker wings of Toyota and Nissan respectively, focus on producing high quality cars built around their more affordable and popular parent models. Every year, the choice gets harder and … Read More

Is it Time To Buy An American Car or Are They Still Subpar?

American automakers and their once sterling legacy vehicles have been consistently losing market share across the board to their Japanese and European counterparts for decades, based mainly on failing design concepts and lack of popularity among younger drivers. Japanese production models like the Toyota Camry have built their reputation around reliability and practicality, while European brands like the BMW M3 … Read More

BMW vs Audi – Who Wins this Age Old Battle?

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For decades now, the BMW vs Audi battle has waged on. Is there a clear winner here? BMW is a name synonymous with German manufacturing standards built on strong reliability and elegant class for drivers looking to taste history. Similarly, Audi is another strong German automaker with roots in developing cars before the First World War even started. Both automobile … Read More

Do I Need To Get A Minivan For My Family of Five?!

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No one likes driving around in a clunky and chunky minivan, especially when the little ones are screaming bored in the backseat, you’ve ran out of juice boxes, and they start kicking and poking each other while you’re negotiating through a four-way stop. Seriously, you purposely gave up on sexy curves, raw engine power, and unique features for a rectangular … Read More

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