The Return of the Affordable Sports Car

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During the Great Recession and global economic turmoil that transpired after it, the idea of an affordable sports car began to fade. Discretionary spending was delegated to necessities, and four-wheeled toys went by the wayside. The economy is still depressingly dismal, but there is hope. With the resurgence of affordable sports cars dotting the automotive landscape, maybe the best way … Read More

Lexus vs. Infiniti – Who Wins The Luxury Brand Battle?

Lexus vs. Infiniti…everyone’s got their favorite… There are two titan players in the luxury automobile market backed up by years of innovation and creative design. Lexus and Infiniti, the Japanese premium automaker wings of Toyota and Nissan respectively, focus on producing high quality cars built around their more affordable and popular parent models. Every year, the choice gets harder and … Read More

Is it Time To Buy An American Car or Are They Still Subpar?

American automakers and their once sterling legacy vehicles have been consistently losing market share across the board to their Japanese and European counterparts for decades, based mainly on failing design concepts and lack of popularity among younger drivers. Japanese production models like the Toyota Camry have built their reputation around reliability and practicality, while European brands like the BMW M3 … Read More