Avoid Car Accidents by Driving Smart in your New Car

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The last thing that you want to do when buying your lovely new car is to have an accident in it. Apart from the fact that an accident can have devastating consequences, there can also be great financial implications too even in a minor accident.  So before you even set off for the drive, make sure your position is comfortable and that your seat is in the right position. You should not have to struggle to reach the floor pedals or not feel in a position of control if something goes wrong.

Do you usually check that your vehicle is operating well before you step foot in it? If not, you should. Check the car thoroughly before buying. Are the tires worn? Are the windscreen wipers working satisfactorily? Do the seat belts even do up? If you are happy that all seems to be in good working order, then get going with your new purchase but don’t forget to put your vehicle in for maintenance regularly.

Make sure you have really good vision and arrange the rear view mirror and side mirrors so visibility is excellent and always know your blind spots. It is important to stay focused once you are behind the wheel, pay great attention to the traffic anticipating any problems.

Stick to the speed limit and don’t push your car beyond its limits, even more important when you are not used to this particular vehicle. You should also be aware of your own limits too, how well can you maneuver your car? How quick is the stopping capability in a sheer emergency? Always make sure that you do not get too close to the car in front of you, you have to make sure you can brake in time if they do something erratic.

Try to avoid driving when fatigued. This is especially important if driving at night because the darkness will naturally make you feel the most tired. Tiredness and the strangeness of a new car can make driving at night even more of a concern. Do keep a look out for cyclists, animals or even joggers who can suddenly appear from nowhere.

We all have times when we are rushing about, but make sure you have plenty of time to get back safely. Never take risks or leave it so late that you are impatiently trying to spot the gap in the traffic, as you will simply experience a rising sense of irritation. Respect your car and respect the road, but most of all, respect your life when on the road.


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