Beat the Dreaded Sales Pitch Easily

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If you inwardly quake when you think about facing the finely honed sales technique of the larger than life car salesman, then don’t worry, it is far easier to stay one step ahead and to avoid feeling pressured than you might think. A little research can go a long, long way giving you an insider look at the role of the salesman, car dealerships genearlly and the type of costs and discounts that are available.

With the Internet as a powerful resource, you no longer need to rely on the services of your local dealership; you can fine-tune your search for a reliable and long-established dealership that will enable you to find the car that you are looking for. It’s easy to send them a quick email to tell them your needs and to get some quotes. Obtaining quotes enables you to negotiate with various dealerships and get competing dealerships to match the best price.

There are adverts galore about trading your car in when you go to choose your next model, and it probably won’t surprise you to know that you won’t be getting a good deal, more so if your car is in good condition. Find out what your own car is worth before considering a trade-in, you might stand to lose hundreds of pounds or even thousands of pounds. If necessary, sell your own car privately and then you have cash in which to barter with.

Don’t ever think that you don’t have the power. A smooth and slick salesman might seem to have the upper hand but you always have the opportunity to walk away. Try it and see just how much better the salesman’s offer becomes. They want to sell to you but you don’t have to buy if their offer does not suit your needs.

Extended warranties really don’t do you any favours either. Car salesman tend to have a list of options to increase the money that they can extract from you or to waive at you as an incentive, but be aware that the salesman and the dealership make a lot of money from these contracts. You don’t have to sign on any dotted line.

Just remember that the salesman is just doing his job but don’t worry about negotiating for a better deal, their commission is pretty good and you won’t make the salesman poor by haggling a little.


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