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If you have never purchased a car from an auction, then you are missing an experience as it is a very different way of purchasing your dream car. It is easy to get sucked into the excitement and fast paced atmosphere of course and you could easily come away with a lot less cash and a car that is not suitable for your needs.

Here are some basic tips to make it a productive visit for you.

  1. Do make sure you have read the catalogue that describes the car well. Read and inwardly digest so that you understand what you might be buying.
  2. Always try to attend the auction. Some people bid by phone but do you really want to buy a vehicle without having seen it?
  3. It pays to register early but you will need to prove that you have the money to buy the car. You will need to provide bank statements and verify a credit card etc. Get there early so you can obtain a list of the order of cars.
  4. You will want to examine the cars thoroughly before making a decision. Make sure you are up to speed on the make and model, understand the VIN, check the engine, paint work etc. The old adage if it looks too good to be true, it usually is, applies here.
  5. Make sure you set your top price and do not be tempted to overbid. Make sure you can be seen easily by the auction ring men.

Buying from an auction might be fun but it needs to be a positive experience too. Many people have gone and have overspent and purchased a vehicle that just did not match their needs. A little planning and research can make a big difference. Often vehicles with dodgy histories can be found at auctions too, so make sure you take care. Do all of the relevant checks and follow your gut instinct before bidding, if you are not sure about a vehicle, do not buy it.

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