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There is no doubt that the cost of living is substantially growing and every time you fill up the car with fuel, your finances take a dent. While the cost of fuel is pretty much out of the control of the average motorist, there are things that you can do to make your fuel go further.

If you stop using your car as much you are obviously going to save money but in actual fact, do you need to use the car on lots of little trips? If you can be a little more organised with your road trips and combine any necessary tasks into one rather than have to go back and forth, you will soon make substantial savings. Think about your route too. You have to calculate if it is worth taking the congested direct route rather than a route that is further and yet has little traffic.

If you carry additional weight in the vehicle then stop. Do you need to weigh the car down each time you go out? The more weight within the car, the more fuel is used. So take out all unnecessary items each time and replace when needed. If you are in the market for a newer car, consider which car is the right one for you by carefully researching all of your needs. Official fuel consumption figures may provide peace of mind with certain vehicles of choice but always expect up to 15% less mileage for each gallon of fuel than specified.

If you can warm up a car prior prior to travelling, engines will be more efficient than when cold and it is important that you drive with fuel-efficiency in mind. Brake gently and when accelerating, change up the gears sooner rather than later. Accelerating slowly was once considered to be fuel efficient but has now been confirmed not to be so.

Other fuel saving options includes keeping the car momentum going consistently rather than increasing speed and then braking. Sticking to the speed limits is a financially beneficial option as going over, increases your fuel usage and on the roads where driving is extremely limited due to traffic jams, just turn off the engine rather than keeping the engine ticking over. Always ensure that your car is well-maintained as when the engine runs less than efficiently it will automatically use additional fuel.

Another tip is to fill up the tank when only half-full. This helps to minimize the tank evaporation.

There is much that can be done to ease the strain on your finances, it just takes a little advanced thought and planning.

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