Buying a Car for the Newly Qualified Driver in the Family

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It’s finally happened. Your son or daughter has finally passed their driving test and are chomping at the bit to have their first car. Succumbing to the bombardment of hints, you cave in and decide to take them shopping for that all-important first car but how do you approach this in a sensible way without alienating your beloved offspring?

Depending on the financial situation, a limited budget may add strict limitations to the type of car that they can afford anyway, but a used vehicle can bring its own set of problems so careful management of the whole process is important. The first step is to ensure that your child has an idea of what type of car they would like to drive and to discuss the all-important budget. This is where the heavy handed parental guidance may need to come in. Don’t be afraid to bring all your experience to the fore at this point. It is important that they understand the cost of insurance, petrol and any problems that may occur through driving. Guidance is vital. A car is an expensive commodity and it’s easy to waste money.

Spending time on research is an excellent idea. Narrowing down the potential make and models that appeal and then doing background research is actually time saving as well as a kind way to oversee the budget. There are many online sites now that provide quick access to Insurance quotes as well as to check out the current value of a vehicle through a private sale or used car dealership and this can be a wake-up call for the off-spring.

Taking a sensible approach now will help your child for future car purchases. It provides the foundations of good motoring and will save them from being ripped off. To save legwork you can do lot of the trawling for potential vehicles online and then narrow the search to a few local dealerships. Armed with all relevant information, take someone along who will check the car over thoroughly prior to purchase and then it’s a good idea to do a vehicle check to make sure it is not written off or stolen. Don’t be afraid to negotiate either, much money can be saved if you are prepared to haggle for a good deal.

It’s not easy to stay firm when your newly qualified child is desperate to sign on the dotted line and to get their car but by playing it safe, they will take less chances in the future and at least understand the potential pitfalls that await.

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