Invest in a Littel Self-Maintenance

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A car is pretty essential these days but we all know just how costly repairs are. As such, it is important to look after your car and to keep it in good order and it will increase your potential to sell. There are many checks you can do yourself even if you know nothing about cars at all. First things first, do keep any eye on the oil level. Too many people drive around with little or no oil and it can lead to big problems. When the engine is cold, take a look at the dipstick and make sure there are sufficient levels of oil. Don’t overfill though.

It’s pretty important to ensure there is sufficient petrol in the car too. That might sound an obvious one but you would be amazed to know just how many people run out of petrol en-route.  It might be embarrassing but could be costly in many ways too. Running out of petrol a long way from home is no fun. Make sure you top up your car with the correct fuel. Putting diesel in or petrol in a diesel car can really ruin your engine and it will cost you.

It’s important you keep the windscreen nice and clean so always top up with a good screen wash. Screen wash is better than water because water will just freeze up as soon as the temperature drops. If your car is starting to overheat, quickly check that you have plenty of coolant or antifreeze in the car. These are all checks that should be done each week and before going on a long drive. Keep the car looking nice too. Invest in an internal valet service or do your own and take the car to be cleaned externally too.  If you are looking to sell your car, regular TLC can make a huge different and if it looks aesthetically appealing, someone will fall in love with it.


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