Stop, Listen and Learn

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Buying your first car? Perhaps you are a little nervous about making such an investment- cars are not cheap after all. Either way, you need to inwardly digest the following tips that can make your purchase go that little more smoothly.

Firstly, don’t make an impulse buy. Take time and shop around. Make it an enjoyable experience and not a costly one. Don’t go looking for your car when there is not enough light. You will often miss tell-tale signs when viewing in a dim light. You want to be able to check for damage or scratches in the paintwork don’t you?

Check to ensure that there are not varying traces of mis-matched paintwork or signs of paint on the windows. Hurried paint jobs can indicate a respray following accident damage.  Check out the mileage too. The average per year of vehicle is usually 10000-12000 so if it is substantially higher or less than the average, do  a little more research. People can and do clock the mileage on a car because it increases the value and you can get a good indication as to whether this is done by looking at the wear and tear of the pedals or the seats.

Don’t buy a car without the registration documents. This is vital. It doesn’t matter what the owner or trader says either. Stick to your guns and see all of the paperwork before parting with any cash. It’s sensible to test drive the vehicle too. Ask a learned friend to go with you if possible and between you, you will spot any warning signs.

Use your instinct too. If your gut instinct is doing somersaults and you start feeling anxious about the sale, walk away. It might be the most perfect car for you in theory, but not if there is something drastically wrong with it.



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