Beat the Dreaded Sales Pitch Easily

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If you inwardly quake when you think about facing the finely honed sales technique of the larger than life car salesman, then don’t worry, it is far easier to stay one step ahead and to avoid feeling pressured than you might think. A little research can go a long, long way giving you an insider look at the role of … Read More

Is Your New Car Toxic?

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So you have purchased a brand new car, feels great doesn’t it? To be the first registered keeper on the documentation, the first person to drive it away and for it to be legally yours, polished and beautiful on your driveway. It looks beautiful, perfect paintwork, it reeks of quality and you love the flushness of the seats and did … Read More

Do You Rotate?

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Car manufacturers will tell you to rotate the tyres and this means changing their position on the vehicle. The idea is that it will help to even out wear and tear on the tyres and this way, you can avoid developing abnormal patterns on the tyres as well as to make them last longer. Not everyone agrees with this line … Read More

Cut Back on Fuel Easily

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There is no doubt that the cost of living is substantially growing and every time you fill up the car with fuel, your finances take a dent. While the cost of fuel is pretty much out of the control of the average motorist, there are things that you can do to make your fuel go further. If you stop using … Read More

Make the Simple Checks Part of Your Regular Maintenance Regime

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It doesn’t matter how often you drive and how far you go, you should always provide regular checks on your vehicle. Checking the battery can be the difference between your being stranded and suffering a great deal of inconvenience. It is much easier to get into the habit of making regular checks as it then becomes the norm. When you … Read More

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