Car Buying Long Distance

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Often when you start looking for a new or used vehicle to buy, you’ll find that the cars that you are really interested in are out of your reach in terms of finances or distance. These days, the car buying world is so much smaller, because so many cars are advertised on the Internet, there are auction sites, and there … Read More

Automatic or Manual

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  Depending on where you live and whether or not you are confident with using gears, then an automatic transmission may be a viable choice for you. It means you have less to worry about when driving and can focus all of your attention on road safety. Driving around town centres or built up areas means plenty of gear changes … Read More

Petrol or Diesel?

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If you are going to buy a car, it is important that you have all the facts to hand- especially if going to a car dealership. Sales people are trained to throw a lot of information at you and it’s easy to be overwhelmed especially if you are just that little bit tempted by the car anyway. Buying a car … Read More

Can You Buy and Sell Like a Pro?

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Cars are your passion. You spend many happy hours each week tinkering under the bonnet and bringing your latest car back to life with tender loving care. There’s little that you don’t know about cars so what’s to stop you from buying and selling and making a little bit of money from your hobby? The answer is nothing if it’s … Read More

Buying a Car for the Newly Qualified Driver in the Family

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It’s finally happened. Your son or daughter has finally passed their driving test and are chomping at the bit to have their first car. Succumbing to the bombardment of hints, you cave in and decide to take them shopping for that all-important first car but how do you approach this in a sensible way without alienating your beloved offspring? Depending … Read More

Keep Your Pride and Joy Safe

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Car crime is becoming far more organized these days and before you even have a chance of blinking, your precious car could be whipped off the drive and gone. Of course, criminals are always going to go for the easiest of options so you have to ensure that you do everything you can to make it as difficult as possible. … Read More

Want to Go Green?

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  Is your car environmentally friendly? If not, why not make your next car a green car and keep all of the environmental concerns at the front of your mind when you go shopping? These days there is little different to the buying process and you should always shop around and consider all of your options. If you know very … Read More

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