Invest in a Littel Self-Maintenance

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A car is pretty essential these days but we all know just how costly repairs are. As such, it is important to look after your car and to keep it in good order and it will increase your potential to sell. There are many checks you can do yourself even if you know nothing about cars at all. First things … Read More

Stop, Listen and Learn

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Buying your first car? Perhaps you are a little nervous about making such an investment- cars are not cheap after all. Either way, you need to inwardly digest the following tips that can make your purchase go that little more smoothly. Firstly, don’t make an impulse buy. Take time and shop around. Make it an enjoyable experience and not a … Read More

The Inevitability of the Autonomous Car

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Car enthusiast may lament at the idea of a self-driving, autonomous car, but there is certain inevitability with it as well. As automakers face stricter safety regulations around the world, one way to ensure passenger safety is with the implementation of driving-aid technologies. However, there is a great disparity between what the enthusiast community wants and what actually sells. Yes, … Read More

The State of Mazda in the Automotive Arena

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Mazda has recently divorced itself from Ford, where a cross-platform partnership greatly benefited both companies. Now that Mazda is a free agent of sorts, it does have an uphill battle remaining relevant in very crowded automotive market. The first of its independently designed vehicles, the Mazda CX-5, is a tidy compact crossover vehicle. It’s subtle yet athletic styling gives it … Read More

Choose the Right Vehicle for You

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Choosing the right vehicle for you might seem absolutely obvious after all, why would you spend your hard earned cash on something that might not be right for you? But you might be surprised to know that many car drivers target one type of vehicle and then succumb to another. Perhaps a flashy but less practical option. It’s easy to … Read More

What to consider when buying a car

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There is a great discrepancy between what we need and what we want in life. Some say we live a life of excess. Our homes are too big and are plates too full. Our garages are not immune to this. There are more than few things to keep in mind when buying a car regardless of whether it is new … Read More

German Tuner Brabus Turns Up Heat On 2014 Mercedes S-class

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The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-class is one of the most hotly anticipated luxury vehicles this year. With the disappearance of Maybach in 2012, Daimler has been able to leverage the Mercedes-Benz S-class to the pantheon of luxury automobiles. The 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-class is packed with numerous new luxuries and sophisticated technologies that is necessary to fill Maybach’s void. Brabus, a German … Read More

How Green Can a Car Be?

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How green is your car? Do you make an effort to conserve fuel, or drive a hybrid or electric? Many car companies today are making a bigger effort to emphasize green practices, and they’re not just talking about the gas tank. You may be surprised at some of the ways car makers are employing green methods when designing and building … Read More

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